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Online casinos have leading positions in the world of gambling. Mobile casino games occupy a special place due to their numerous benefits. Players appreciate mobile gambling because it’s simple, convenient, and fast. Among many advantages, there is a wide range of payment methods provided by CasinoChan and other similar gambling platforms. Trusted online casinos offer their customers easy, safe, and guaranteed ways of making deposits and withdrawals. Let’s take a look at the most popular and important payment methods.

eWallets Payments      

Right now, among the various ways of payment eWallets are one of the most popular. They are really easy to use! You need to create an account, add your funds, and finally transfer money to your online casino account. A customer doesn’t need to share any personal information to an online casino account that makes eWallets more reliable and demanded. The most popular eWallets are:

  • PayPal. The most famous digital wallet. It provides a customer all the necessary functions of operating his or her funds and transactions. Also, it provides the ability to link numerous credit and debit cards to a wallet.
  • Neteller. This digital wallet has certainly second place in eWallets top. It’s world-famous and allows customers to make transactions around the world. Many famous internet brands are already using such a wallet.   
  • Skrill. It’s another popular eWallet that offers its customers the maximum of protection and minimum of fees making bank transfers

In such a way, eWallet is a convenient and safe payment method with fast transactions. It takes few moments to make a deposit using a mobile. These conditions attract gamblers all over the world, so most online casinos allow eWallets.

Credit and Debit Cards Payments

This payment method is incredibly popular and available to all who have a credit or a debit card. It’s hard to find a person in the modern world who hasn’t got one. The majority of online casinos allow MasterCard and Visa. Transactions go almost immediately. Such a way of payment is a suitable one for many players, so nearly every online casino payments using a credit or a debit card.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrencies are new and promising payment methods in online gambling. Nevertheless, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing unbelievably fast. It seems like it will be the most popular and practical way of payment in the nearest future. All the transactions are almost immediate. Moreover, it provides maximum safety. Cryptocurrencies require a minimum of customer’s personal information.  Thus, customers stay anonymous. The most popular cryptocurrencies in online gambling are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and many others.


So, making deposits using a mobile is comfortable and safe. The number of gamblers playing casinos and making deposits by mobile is prevailing now. Mobile payments always use encrypted data. Such data makes it much difficult to attack and capture your data the hackers. Also, every Smartphone nowadays uses a sandbox architecture that provides isolation of each app. Nonetheless, if there is any bad program installed on your mobile devices, it won’t have any influence on another.

Best Mobile Casino Payments

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