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Whether it is to make your passion for soccer profitable, to round out your monthly income or to finance a personal project, there are many reasons why soccer betting is so popular. But like any other sport, your knowledge alone will not be enough to really put all the odds on your side. We suggest that you now discover a few rules for betting on soccer, so that in the future when you bet on your favorite team, let’s say in the 22 Bet app, you will win and enjoy the game.

Never bet on your favorite team

Whether it is on the Internet or in a tobacco shop, when you place your bets on soccer, you must understand that you are not playing against one of the two teams, but against a bookmaker. It is the bookmaker who determines the odds of the matches after a thorough analysis of the statistics and the context of the current match.

In other words, in addition to the margin of safety taken on the odds, betting operators benefit from the amount of emotion that unwittingly interferes with your choice of bets. Indeed, an insatiable fan will bet on a victory for his team even if he thinks that his team is weaker on the field because he refuses to think about defeat or would be ashamed to bet against his team.

This is why professional bettors never take the risk of betting on their favorite soccer clubs, even if it means abstaining from betting on matches involving their favorite teams.

How to choose your online bookmaker

Any sports betting specialist will tell you that the choice of bookmaker is essential to multiply the chances of winning. And it is with this in mind that many sites give you advice on choosing bookmakers who are not only approved by the ARJEL (Online Gaming Regulatory Authority), but also offer enough freedom in the choice of the type of bets.

Welcome bonus, minimum initial deposit, odds value, betting diversity, additional services (streaming service, live betting…) are all parameters to be taken into account when choosing your online betting site. Above all, you need to make sure that the bookmaker you choose corresponds to your player profile. Indeed, depending on your profile, some bookmakers will be more suitable than others/ Don’t hesitate to consult with professionals to find comparisons dedicated to each bookmaker as well as opinions on the services offered.

Don’t bet on all matches

It may seem obvious to you, but betting on matches in certain championships can be risky. In soccer, this is the case for national cups and the European League. Indeed, in these championships, coaches regularly rotate their squad and the level of motivation of the players in the first few rounds. And for the European League in particular, some French clubs do not pay particular attention to this competition and do not play their best selection.

For their part, derbies are also matches that rarely offer victories for sports bettors. Although players are nowadays less loyal to their clubs, the pressure around a derby can have a positive or negative impact on players. This can make the outcome of the match uncertain.

A brief tutorial on how to bet well on the soccer

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